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"....I went online and found Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness.  After looking over Cathy's website, I thought I would meet with her and see if she could help me.   I was not disappointed.    Cathy takes the time to listen and make suggestions.  Her handouts are excellent and I keep them in the little binder she gave me.  Its packed with information and I refer to it often.  She covers everything from keeping the kitchen clean to healthy eating.  One of the highlights  of my time with  Cathy was when she took my wife and I on a grocery tour of Fred Meyer.  That tour opened up a whole new world that neither one of us even knew existed.  We are trying new foods now all the time and are finding that we actually enjoy almost all of it. Another helpful event was when she came over to our house and helped us in our kitchen, showing us the good (and the bad) side of how our kitchen was stocked and how things should be laid out to get the maximum benefit of the foods in our house.  Lastly, Cathy gave us a wonderful cooking demonstration in her in office kitchen.  It was actually a meal to die for!    I could go on and on,  but results speak for themselves.  I know that I need to lose more weight, but that was not my priority at the time.  I just wanted to get myself healthy.  However, in the process I started out weighing 192 lbs.  I stepped on the scale the other day and was pleasantlysurprised to see that I was down to 179.8.  I also had my triglycerides checked and they amazingly dropped from 426 to 139.  Not to mention my daily blood sugar has  started to stabilize with most readings now somewhere between 105-120.  Way better than the 140s-160's I was  getting before.  Did it take a little work on my part?  Of course but without the help of Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness these goals could not have been met.  

Thank you, Cathy.  

-From Dennis, Gig Harbor, reprinted with permission.

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