The See the Lite! Amazing Weight Loss for Life! ™ Journey

There really is no other weight management  program as comprehensive and personalized in the Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula/Tacoma and whole South Sound region as Cathy's deluxe signature See the Lite! Amazing Weight Loss For Life! ™  8-session jump start program, and what clients do with her afterwards. Cathy aims to make every client experience and relationship as wonderful as possible, with a celebration of each individual as a Gift from God. If you are a mentally, physically and spiritually health-conscious person, who is highly motivated, and desires a memorable, personable, comprehensive weight management program for life, look no further as you are in the right place!  When you sign up, please use this Invite Code:   c4909f  


Let's plan your adventure to health.

While Cathy follows an 8-session template for your program, it will be customized to emphasize areas you are needing help with, with some areas omitted and others added. Or it could mean all destinations will be traveled to. Are you already a great and healthy cook or savvy shopper but just need help with emotional eating? Or perhaps you do need help navigating stores and restaurant menus. Whatever your area of need is, Cathy will focus on those areas with you. Below are just some of the points of focus on your New Lifestyle Adventure:

Which area of help are you needing?

Our Deluxe 8-Session Program

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In a world of one-size-fits all programs, you need evidence-based weight loss help and coaching that covers all the bases, including ones you might not have even thought of, and focuses on what you need the most. 

Your Metabolic Rate

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We will verify your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and body fat percentage against others of similar age and gender, and assess what your true calorie needs are for effective weight management. Indirect calorimetry is considered the Gold Standard  for calorie needs assessment.

Shopping Support

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What goes into your shopping cart will make or break a nutrition plan. Cathy can take you through your favorite store to guide you in buying what will help you and your family with weight management and various health conditions.

Eating Out Guidance

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Next to what you buy, what you eat when eating out is also potentially damaging to  weight loss efforts. But you want to enjoy yourself too, right?  Cathy will help you eat out while being able to lose weight too.

Mind, Spirit & Lifestyle


It's no exaggeration that about 95% of weight loss issues are in our minds. Cathy provides nutrition counseling to help you get past your deepest mental and emotional obstacles affecting your ability to lose weight. 

Success For Life


Welcome Weight Loss Warriors! You're here because you have had obstacles, hardships and challenges with weight loss. Guess what? You're in the right place.   If you are highly motivated, Cathy will help you get to where you want to be, finally this time, it will last.

The most important place for weight management.


What is in your kitchen will, also, make or break your weight loss efforts. Cathy can do a followup in your home to help ensure your home is your haven and fortress for health.

True, caring support wherever you are.


With our app, you can be connected with your dietitian every day!  Snap a pic of a good or bad day of eating and get tips and support when you need it, in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.


And the Grand "Finale".. a cooking demo just for you!

Once you have gone through all 7 sessions, we wrap up Phase One with a Cooking Demo with Cathy from out vegetarian and pescetarian (seafood)-friendly menu (vegan-friendly upon request) for you and one guest, in the kitchen at Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness. (Non-meat dishes generally being safer.)  You also get to eat the goodies and take leftovers home. 

Then, it's off to more support and guidance in Phase Two. Note:  Cooking demos don't only have to be in our package - They can be requested at any other time in the future as a stand-alone service, if you'd like to try other things on our Menu!    Clickable link to Menu coming soon, or ask us to email you one.

Do you need to lose weight? Find out!

Note:  BMI is a handy tool to quickly assess weight status, but it is only a starting point and rarely, can be misleading. For example, occasionally BMI may show overweight status due to higher muscle mass or larger frame. Let your dietitian assess if your BMI is an area for concern. In addition, just because a BMI calculation shows weight to be in a normal range does not mean a person is healthy and needs no changes in diet and lifestyle.