Words so very much appreciated!

Cathy loves helping her clients. And they appreciate her too! Here's what some of her clients are saying:

"Cathy is such a neat person to talk to and while she is listening you can see her thinking about how food and nutrition can help. She is very good at helping you balance your life through nutrition. She also has a very good list of counselors and doctors that can help in other ways to keep you on the healthy track!! Love going to see her!! " 

-Leanna K, Belfair, WA

"I would highly recommend Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness.  They have given me the tools and  knowledge I needed in my quest to eat healthy and lose weight.  

At the time I made my first appointment with Cathy Hains, I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was eating horribly and was extremely out of shape.  My doctor told me my weight was affecting my health, and I didn't have a choice any more.  I had to take my weight off. The problem was, I honestly did not know where to start.  Fortunately, Cathy had left some cards at my doctors office. I took a card, and made an appointment.  

At my first appointment, Cathy was very welcoming.  I talked about why I was there, and what I was hoping to achieve.  We  talked a lot about my eating history, and about the health problems I had because of the weight.  When I finished, Cathy talked to me about what she would be able to do to help me.  Cathy offered me a program design to teach me how to eat better by making more informed decisions. The program would be weekly sessions where I would learn healthy ways to improve my diet.  We would also be going to the grocery store, and having a home visit.  I signed up for the program and found that it was the best decision I've made in along time.                             

I have learned so much from Cathy.  She has introduced me to at new way of thinking about food and how I've been eating.  An example of this is the 2 hours we spent in the grocery store going down every aisle. I showed her what I had been buying and Cathy showed me better alternatives to my poor choices.  I really had no idea how many other food choices there were, until Cathy showed me.                                    

Other things I learned with this program was, how adversely food can effect my body and brain, and how my poor eating was making me sluggish and tired.  We talked about the importance of exercise and how beneficial it could be for me. 

Cathy gave me a cooking demonstrations and really easy and good recipes to try.  She gave me information on how to have a well stocked kitchen and pantry.  I learned the importance of meal planning and what to do when eating out.  Cathy even showed me a trick on how to better control portion size, which has been a huge problem for me.  

This program has been a blessing for me.  Cathy, through her knowledge and true caring has helped me enormously. Using everything Cathy has taught me, my weight is now coming off, and I'm walking every day.  

This is a process.  Cathy is not a magician.  You have to be willing to make the changes for this to work.  But, if you are ready to makes those changes, Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness is the place to do it."

- Cindy B, Gig Harbor

"I attended one of Cathy's Diabetes Free America Class as a visitor. Cathy is very knowledgeable about nutrition and has been a real inspiration to me to keep my diabetes and weight under control.  She really knows her stuff.  I wish I could have kept attending the series but I had to look into finding one in my own area. I would recommend her and her classes to any of my friends."

- S. H, Arlington, TX

"As a 20 year Fitness Trainer who has worked with the NFL, MLB and NBA players and is now training in Gig Harbor Washington, I am obviously well educated in Nutrition.  I am extremely lucky to have an "EXPERT" who can work with my clients on a much higher and more detailed way.  Not only is Cathy a true professional, but her offering above and beyond services like cooking classes and shopping tours makes her invaluable."

- Joel D, Gig Harbor

"Cathy is an excellent Dietitian and health coach!  Her nutrition recommendations are both creative and very helpful.  I also find that she is always available to help in some way, whether its responding to online food records, texts, emails or phone calls.  The support she gives her clients is excellent.  I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a Dietitian that's on top of the current research and strives to help her clients!"

- Rebecca C, Bonney Lake

"I want to share the wonderful experiences and rewards my family is enjoying under the nutritional counseling of Cathy Hains of Lighthouse Nutrition in Gig Harbor. My grandchildren are ages 6 and 9.  The 6 year-old didn’t seem to have a “click-off” switch” for knowing when she had eaten enough.  Weight was becoming an increasing problem.  She did enjoy a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. 

Her 9 year-old brother ate proteins and carbs, but was less enchanted with fruits and vegetables.  But no weight problem for him (one of those lucky, skinny guys). As a teacher in the past, I thought my grandchildren could benefit from in-depth knowledge about foods and how our bodies use/don’t use what we eat. Cathy Hains has been amazing in working with my grandchildren.  Both look forward to their visits with Cathy (they go together).  Cathy has taught them the different reasons we eat what we eat; how to evaluate what foods are beneficial to us; what nutrient values different vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and the like add to their growth and well-being; and the down-side of processed foods, additives and junk food.  She has taught them to choose foods wisely, and not to impulsively choose with just their eyes. The kids are active, but Cathy’s explanation of the benefits of exercise has spurred them on. Both children have noticed how much better they feel.  The 9 year-old is agreeing to try a greater variety of foods and regularly eats more fruits now. The 6 year-old tells us that she has eaten enough, and leaves food on her plate. 

Cathy’s home visit with parents is an important addition to working with the kids.  My daughter and her husband are supportive and grateful for Cathy’s input and success with their children. Cathy is highly educated in nutritional science and counseling, as her web page verifies.  My grandchildren have completed the traditional 8 week-program.  They would like to continue to see her once-a-month to maintain their knowledge and commitment. Personally, I think all of us, at all ages, can never know enough about nutritional choices we must make every day.  More and more of our foods are processed, full of sodium and less than time tested additives.  Cathy’s successful work with my grandchildren has given me great peace-of-mind regarding their future health."

- Glenna M., Gig Harbor

"Cathy has helped me a lot in dealing with my weight issues. She is like a Swiss Army Knife in the nutritional field, and that's an understatement. She has helped me clear my confusion on what is good for you and finding out what fits my lifestyle and my tastes. Without her help I would not have lost 28 pounds. And I have kept that wight off for many years now and I don't see those pounds returning!"

- J. B., Gig Harbor

"I would recommend Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness, for a highly qualified dietician.  After advising Cathy Hains,MS,RD,Clt, of my symptons & receiving the results of the MRT Food Sensitivity Test, she was able to help me with a Dietary Treatment Program, for four months.  As a result of this program and her guidance, she helped me to eliminate digestive issues, muscle pain, & rashes.  I was very happy with her professional treatment."

- Bonnie S., Gig Harbor

"Cathy is a very caring and compassionate person who really likes helping people get healthy and stay healthy. She has cutting edge testing that helped pinpoint my food sensitivities that had given me year round "hay fever" symptoms for the last 25 years. I am dramatically better after only a few months. I would strongly recommend Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness to anyone who has exhausted all conventional allergy methods or someone who is willing to think outside the traditional FDA box. Oh, let's not forget that I have lost 15 stubborn pounds as an added bonus! To sum up: she has changed my life!! Thanks Cathy."

- Howard M., Gig Harbor

"I saw Cathy at Lighthouse Nutrition initially for nutrition advice related to pre-diabetes, but was also interested in her services related to food allergies or sensitivities.  She provided personalized information regarding healthy foods, quantities and calories which helped me avoid becoming diabetic as well as helped with weight loss.  Due to problems similar to IBS, she encouraged me to take the Mediated Release Test for food sensitivities.  This was the best thing I ever did, as I now know which foods I need to avoid.  Cathy was very helpful in working with me to plan daily menu plans and recipes that coordinated with foods I was allowed to eat.  I benefited by reducing the IBS symptoms completely.  In addition, my A1c level dropped to the normal range.  My blood pressure is the best it has been in years.  I would definitely recommend her services."

- Lora F., Port Orchard

"The food testing panel you did on my allergies was phenomenal..That's what i think i needed, testing that would say eat this, don't eat that. I liked you and the convenience and that you were very easy to talk to. I would very very definitely recommend Cathy Hains and her services."

- Barbara L., Gig Harbor

"After losing the same 5 pounds for more than a year I had to accept that the main issue getting in my way was food. I was good at exercise – loved it, in fact – but there was so much contradictory information about what to eat that I didn’t know quite what to do. Working with Cathy helped me sort through all the information and find a plan based on my unique needs. The Indirect Calorimetry tool helped find my true Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which gave me a better baseline to calculate an appropriate calorie goal, and during our meetings Cathy helped me strategize ways to fit more nutritious food into my meals without feeling like I was on a diet. I wanted to make a permanent change that improved my health for the long term, not just lose weight, and it was important to work with someone who understood that. I especially appreciated the walk and talks with Cathy. Getting some exercise while talking about eating healthier just makes good sense, and I always left our meetings feeling productive. Over the course of our 8 sessions I reached a weight I hadn’t seen in 15 years, and now I know I’m on a course I can maintain for life. I’ve recommended Cathy to everyone I know who is trying to make significant change in their lives."

- Sue D., Port Orchard

Thanks to all these WONDERFUL clients. Their drive and motivation certainly played a major role in their success. I'm forever grateful they entrusted their health to Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness, and they could not find a more passionate ally in their quest for total health. ~Cathy