Know Your Genes

Have you ever wondered why so many studies come out contradicting each other? Caffeine is great for some people, yet others should stay away from it for their cardiovascular health. Some people need to watch their Omega-3's, calcium, and Vitamin D where others can relax on these things in their diet? Why is it that exercise helps some people melt the fat off, whereas for others, it doesn't seem to do much good? It's in your genes, that's why.

Why Nutrigenomix?

Nutrigenomix, a team led by researchers at the University of Toronto, have a 45-marker gene test that will help you refine your health recommendations as precisely as you can.

Unlike a cheek swab which other companies use, Nutrigenomix asks for a vial of saliva, in order to produce results that are 10 xs more accurate than other competitors. In addition, you get more anonymity, as Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness does not provide your name to Nutrigenomix, but a code name instead. 

Lastly, future tests from Nutrigenomix from the same stored saliva sample are at a reduced cost, after buying your first test.

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