Know Your Genes

Have you ever wondered why so many studies come out contradicting each other? Caffeine is great for some people, yet others should stay away from it for their cardiovascular health. Some people need to watch their Omega-3's, calcium, and Vitamin D where others can relax on these things in their diet? Why is it that exercise helps some people melt the fat off, whereas for others, it doesn't seem to do much good? It's in your genes, that's why.

Why Nutrigenomix?

Nutrigenomix, a team led by researchers at the University of Toronto, have a 45-marker gene test that will help you refine your health recommendations as precisely as you can.

Unlike a cheek swab which other companies use, Nutrigenomix asks for a vial of saliva, in order to produce results that are 10 xs more accurate than other competitors. In addition, you get more anonymity, as Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness does not provide your name to Nutrigenomix, but a code name instead. 

Lastly, future tests from Nutrigenomix from the same stored saliva sample are at a reduced cost, after buying your first test.

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How Nutrigenomix® is different


About Nutrigenomix 


Mission: Nutrigenomix is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their clients with comprehensive and reliable genomic information to achieve health, performance or fertility goals through personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations. 


Summary:  Research in the field of nutrigenomics can now explain why some individuals respond differently from others to the same foods, beverages, nutrients or supplements consumed. Nutrigenomix® provides training and state-of-the-art genetic testing exclusively through qualified healthcare professionals (HCPs). With actionable recommendations and user-friendly client report options focusing on Health, Sports or Fertility, HCPs can provide their clients with specific, evidence-based recommendations, personalized to each client’s genetic profile, while enhancing the clinician-client relationship and the client’s motivation to attain their optimal health, performance or fertility goals.  


Quick hits: What makes Nutrigenomix different? 

 Nutrigenomix® is based on the most robust scientific evidence and founded by an internationallyrecognized expert in nutrigenomics and one of the world’s most highly cited researchers in the field of personalized nutrition.  Nutrigenomix® upholds the most stringent standards of privacy and security. Nutrigenomix is the only company which ensures that all samples are anonymized and that no personal identifying information is required.  The Nutrigenomix® test is the only DNA-test kit used in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) demonstrating the benefits of DNA-based dietary recommendations and published in the prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal PLoS One. 

  Nutrigenomix®  was the first genetic test developed for personalized nutrition to be delivered exclusively by HCPs. ○ This ensures accurate interpretation, accountability and compliance, and facilitates implementation of nutrition and fitness recommendations; ultimately, contributing to the client’s success in achieving their optimal health, performance or fertility goals.   Each genetic marker and personalized recommendation has been validated by experts in the field and approved by the International Scientific Advisory Board.  Nutrigenomix® is the only company in the world with customized reports available in 8 languages with options to co-brand or white label.  Nutrigenomix® is a multinational company with over 8,000 clinics in 35 countries. 

 Nutrigenomix® offers three personalized report formats focusing on Health, Sports or Fertility. 

 Nutrigenomix® is the exclusive provider to the Cleveland Clinic (Top ranked hospital, 2018-19 U.S. News & World Report) and LifeLabs (Canada’s largest medical diagnostics company and 4th largest in the world). 

 Nutrigenomix® was awarded one of the top 10 inventions of the year by the University of Toronto (2013) and selected as a finalist by NutraIngredients for best research (2018). 


Scientific Excellence 

 The Nutrigenomix® genetic panels are developed by leading scientists in the field of nutrigenomics. 

 Nutrigenomix® is the only genetic testing company founded by an internationally recognized expert in the field, Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, who serves as the company’s Chief Science Officer and brings over 20 years of experience in nutrigenomics research as Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics and Professor at the University of Toronto.  

This first-hand experience conducting nutrigenomics research promotes an in-depth understanding related to the science of Nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition. 

  Scientific Leadership from Nutrigenomix® has over 150 publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. o Several genetic markers discovered by the Founder of Nutrigenomix®, including the widely cited caffeine, cyp1a2 genotype and cardiovascular disease risk association, have been used by other genetic testing companies world-wide. 

 The Nutrigenomix® International Science Advisory Board consists of the most distinguished leaders in the field of personalized nutrition, and provides external oversight on the genetic tests offered. 

 Nutrigenomix is the only genetic testing company affiliated with a major internationally recognized academic institution, the University of Toronto, which ranks in the top 10 universities worldwide according to the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities. o This partnership supports research initiatives, scholarships and funding opportunities for HCPs to continue their education or research in the field of nutrigenomics. 

 Nutrigenomix® is the only genetic testing company funding and conducting original research leading to new discoveries that are published in top scientific and medical journals.  Transparency and scientific excellence are of paramount importance to Nutrigenomix. o All citations to the scientific peer-reviewed journals for each of the genetic tests are included in the personalized Nutrigenomix® reports. 


Exclusive Delivery by a Healthcare Professional (HCP) 

 Nutrigenomix® was the first company to offer a genetic test kit developed specifically for use by HCPs, and is still one of very few to offer genetic testing for personalized nutrition exclusively through HCPs. Nutrigenomix® does NOT offer direct-to-consumer testing.  

 Exclusive delivery by a HCP ensures accurate interpretation of the results, promotes the translation of complex knowledge into action, behavior change, accountability and compliance.


 Exclusive delivery by a HCP facilitates the implementation of personalized DNA-based advice in the context of the client’s overall health and lifestyle, helping the client achieve SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely) goals. 


Actionable Recommendations 


 Nutrigenomix® focuses on providing only high quality data for those markers that are actionable and based on robust scientific evidence.  o What do you mean by actionable? The genetic markers we test for are specifically included if scientific evidence has shown that modifying one’s food, supplement or exercise routine can reduce the risk of disease or nutrient deficiency.  o Unlike other genetic testing companies, Nutrigenomix does not include genetic markers that only predict disease risk. Although many genetic markers have been discovered to be related to disease risk, at this time, little is known about how we can make DNA-based lifestyle modifications to reduce risk associated with those genetic markers.  o Our goal is to empower individuals by providing DNA-based nutrition and fitness recommendations that are evidence-based, to optimize health and wellness and reduce chronic disease risk.  

 The comprehensive Nutrigenomix® report provides specific nutrition and fitness recommendations tailored to the client’s genetic profile. o This enables the client to understand where their specific nutrition or fitness recommendations are coming from. o This can directly impact the client’s motivation to make nutrition and fitness changes.  o Specificity is an important first tenet of the SMART-goal setting approach needed for behavior change. 

 The Nutrigenomix® reports provide personalized nutrition recommendations based on those genetic markers that impact nutrient metabolism, food intolerances, cardiometabolic health, eating habits, weight management/body composition and physical activity performance. 

 Nutrigenomix® offers the most comprehensive test for gluten intolerance. Most other tests do not cover DQ7 variants in HLA, which account for 10% of celiac disease cases, resulting in a greater risk of a false negative. 

 As the science continues to develop, the panel of genetic markers available for testing is updated. 



Rigorous Laboratory and Privacy Standards  Our service includes a saliva collection kit, DNA isolation and genetic analysis at our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, and customized reports based on cutting edge research and stringent standards of scientific evidence. 

 The Nutrigenomix genetic panel only tests for the specific genetic markers that have robust scientific evidence with actionable information, rather than test for many random markers, with unknown function or utility, spread across the genome.  o This targeted and prudent approach minimizes the risk of having rare incidental findings revealed related to disease risk, which can happen if other genetic markers are tested. 

 As new scientific discoveries are made, clients will have the opportunity to have new markers tested without requiring re-collection of a new sample. 

 For privacy and security, all samples are barcoded, and no personal identifying information (such as name, date of birth and email) is included on the sample. Nutrigenomix® uses a 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to transmit information so that it cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. o Personal information is not provided on sample collection kits and is not stored in our database. 

 In approximately 7-10 days after the sample is received by our laboratory, the healthcare practitioner will receive their client’s Personalized Report and counsel the individual on their results at a follow-up visit. Optional print copies of the report arrive about 1 week later. 


The Benefits 

With the completion of the human genome project in 2003, scientists have been unraveling how the genes interact with the nutrients in foods we consume and our fitness routines to impact our health and wellness.  

 Now, with the availability genetic testing, clients will no longer be given general population-based one-size-fits-all advice such as “cut back on salt.” Instead, they will receive specific information on a particular gene that determines how sodium will affect their blood pressure, a personalized recommendation on how much sodium they should aim for each day, and information about the amount of sodium in various foods. This is just one example of DNA-based diet advice included in the 45-gene Nutrigenomix® reports. Clients will receive personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations on vitamins and minerals, caffeine, dietary fats including omega-3s, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, protein intake, optimal fitness routines and more.  

 The Nutrigenomix® reports guide clients to eat more – or less—of certain foods based on their DNA in order to decrease their risk of developing nutrition-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and related conditions, and to optimize their health and performance. 

 Behavior change is hard. Studies have shown that receiving DNA-based dietary advice can increase motivation to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and enhance compliance compared to general population-based one-size-fits-all recommendations. DNA-based dietary advice will help clinicians prioritize nutrient and fitness recommendations clients should focus on in their journey for optimizing your health and performance goals.   Companies that offer a personalized service, such as the Nutrigenomix® DNA-based dietary advice, can expect improved customer loyalty, better customer experience, and increased revenue (Source: