For Physicians Only

We love doctors.

Especially doctors who understand the importance of nutrition, as well as referring their patients who need specialized nutrition and weight loss help, to registered dietitians.

Cathy can help local doctors and ARNP's with the day-to-day details of weight management with specialized nutrition counseling and testing, diet analysis, hands-on services like grocery store tours, menu planning and more.

Cathy believes in a team approach and will connect with you about your patient. 

Show your patients just how much you care by letting a nutrition professional tackle some of their biggest obstacles to better health. 

Downloads for Physicians and Other Health Professionals

Physician Referral Form

Insurance Plans Currently Accepted:
BCBS Federal
Kaiser Permanente
Medicare (see below)

LNW Physician Referral Form (pdf)


Medicare MNT Referral Form

Note:  Medicare will reimburse nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian only for the diagnoses of diabestes and CKD stages 1-4.

Medicare MNT Referral Form (doc)